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We have developed 3 strengths for 60 years as follows.

 For example, about "Artisan's skills".  In a forming process, the most difficult work is to form a product precisely the same size as its drawing.  Iron, stainless steel, alminum-made materials are deformed by welding.  Therefore, the long time experiences are needed to draw the forming step in mind to prevent the deformation in advance or to fix it even if the deformation occurs and finally adjust the size to that of the drawing.


 Secondarily, about "Artisan's brains (ideas)".  Jigs are usually used to prevent the deformation.  Products we form are always different, meaning the jigs in use are also different every time.  Therefore, jigs which match with the shape of a product should be selected or impromptu jigs should be made every time.  Also, about a complex product, once its parts are mistakenly welded, a lot of times and manpowers are needed to fix that parts.  Not to make that happened, artisans should decide the forming steps after imagining things like "what would happen if these parts weld before those parts?  It might cause unneccessary cutting works and re-weld later again...  That would leave scratches on this product, etc..."  After all, doing all mentioned here needs artisan's brains (ideas) based on a lot of experiences.


 Finally, about "Employees, works, and the other resources are all suited for individually different production system".  As mentioned above, we have applied the system for 60 years since our foundation and all the resources are suited for the system.  For example, there are no fixed lines and large equipments which are difficult to move in our works.  For that reason, changing arrangements can be done easily and freely depending on the situation in the works.  In addition, every individual artisan is not single-tasker but multi-tasker, leading to flexible responses.