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Focus 1

 We have kept meeting our customer's various needs since our foundation, such as "we want you to form this product like this", "we want you to modify this product like this", or "we want you to repair this product like this".  We shape our customer's ideal by fully using the "skills" and "brains (ideas)" developed so far in our industry.

*As to a product which needs structural calculation, the drawing including the calculation is needed.  If you wonder whether to ask or not, feel free to contact us.

Focus 2

 Our focus is also on the appearance of a product.  Bead is formed on the connecting part of a welding.  If the bead keeps its size (height and width) evenly-spaced, the appearance becomes very beautiful.  A welding trace which seems to barely connect a part can sometimes be seen due to paying too much attention to finishing quickly to reduce costs.  The trace (bead) is never beautiful, and that might cause a break.  In addition, we also focus on eliminating spatters which affect the appearance of a product although the eliminating works take much times.


Focus 3

 Have you ever had experiences like "you had brought a small request, but it was refused..." or "you asked a request which must be done quick, but it was refused..."?  You would often be refused even at the gate of a factory where there is no flexibility due to its mass production system with well-ordered lines or only the works having large amount of unit price can be receieved due to its size.  We, "Kimuratekka Co.,Ltd.", meet the customer's needs which cannot be met in those who have that kind of system.  Feel free to contact us.