Make-to-order Works Specializing in Iron/Stainless Steel/Alminum-made Products(Goods)

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Name Kimuratekka Co.Ltd.
Foundation April 1957
Address Zip Code:882-0024
39-19, Otake-Cho, Nobeoka-City, Miyazaki-Pref.
President Masatake Kimura
Capital ¥10,000,000
Employees 7
Size Premises 3,065 ㎡
Buildings 1,330 ㎡
TEL 0982-35-1086
FAX 0982-21-1986


1957 Founded "Kimura Ironworks".
1974 Relocated to "Nobeoka Tekko Danchi".
1989 Incorporated, and the corporation name was changed into "Kimuratekka Co.,Ltd."
*Meaning of "tekka(鐵化)" → "鐵" means "Iron".   "化" means "Transform".
  In the beginnig, Iron-made products were our main handling items.
  The process that the material, "Iron(鐡)", gradually transforms its shape (化) was compared to "鐵化".
Current Form, modify, and repair Iron/Stainless Steel/Alminum-made products(goods).
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